Red Bull Music

Social Media, Digital Art, Motion, Video

We worked closely with Red Bull Music on a 2018 social media campaign to introduce their #ArtistsToWatch.

Teaser Artwork

The campaign follows a mystical tarot card theme. We designed the teaser artwork as the back of a tarot card using divination, music, and celestial elements. Witchy hands around a crystal ball allude to the magic of unveiling the next big names in music.

Launch Animation

In part two of the campaign, we introduced the 2018 #ArtistsToWatch by bringing the teaser artwork to life and taking the viewer on a journey inside the crystal ball. The crystal ball spins, turning the tarot card around to reveal the individual artist cards. Choreographed to Sunnyside by Cuco.

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Individual Artist Cards

We custom designed 23 individual artist cards to be introduced to the viewers over time via Instagram Stories.

Artist Card Stories

Each card details a few fun facts about the artist. We designed the pacing navigation dots as the phases of the moon to have a little fun with the theme.

Cross-Platform Artwork

We built a handful of additional campaign assets and templates to be used as cross-platform marketing collateral.






Font Treatment


Jordan Miles Rosenheck

Art Director

Nicolo Bianchino


Hilen Godoy


Troy Kurtz

Client Lead (Red Bull Music)

Samara Kaplan

Project Management

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